In accordance with the Children's Act 38 of 2005

With children's mental, physical and emotional well-being at the baseline of our services, we occasionally work with professionals and parents to ensure the child's best interest is and remain the primary objective.



Supervised contact is regulated on a case-to-case basis, depending on safety risks involved (low, medium or high).  Addiction, domestic violence, and forensic assessment processes are some examples of matters in which supervised contact might be Court Ordered or an interim arrangement. In addition to this, matters where malicious intentions are experienced by a parent, supervised contact can be set in place as a safety measure to protect the supervised parent, until a court process would be concluded.  

During supervised contact programs, we focus on foundational steps that provide emotional and physical security for the whole family, to progress to a positive contact regime and more specifically amidst separation and divorce proceedings. 

Counselling for parents as well as age-appropriate therapy for minor children, are essential during the supervised contact programs.  We provide parent guidance (where mandated) to supervised parents, to equip them in their parenting capacity to improve.

Throughout our programs we compile professional feedback to Courts, as well as clinical observations to expert teams, assisting with guidance and ensuring that the fragile family unit meets short and long term goals relating to parental rights and responsibilities.

At our on-site supervised contact facility based in Durbanville, Cape Town, we offer a welcoming environment for parents and children.  This facility offers various activities and amenities to accommodate the parent-child contact.  As an alternative, residential supervised contact can be Court ordered and to be exercised at the supervised parent's residence, to provide the child the opportunity to experience a sense of belonging at both parental residences. 

Neritha Klue is a specialist Supervised Contact service provider and aims for excellence in service to each and every family in our programs.

Foggy Waters


To understand this practical therapeutic intervention, one needs to understand what therapy means through the lens of reunification. From this perspective,  therapy is referred to as the process of nurturing change and developing positive filial relationships. This process commences with an identified topic or problem, more accurately referred to as; the reason for estrangement. The primary caregiver (also referred to as the preferred parent), the child, and the estranged parent’s full and uncompromised cooperation is critical to effect positive change in the family system. In our practice, we work with the family members to accomplish positive outcomes.
Any glimmer of hope is a window of opportunity - however small it might seem - and is seized to reunite the estranged parent and child. Through teamwork and mutual trust - which are the fundamental building blocks of a high-quality parent-child relationship - we cultivate strong parent-child relationships.

Mother and Daughter Love


After separation and/or divorce, certain contact arrangements are reached between parties.  This might pose several stressors for all family members, which can be limited when we assist with the practical implementation of the new contact regime. We assist with practical guidance and on-site support to ensure that the contact integration process is a positive experience for the child/adolescent. The quality of this filial alliance will have a dramatic impact on the child/adolescent throughout their developmental stages.  In the execution of this delicate process, we work as a team of experts and provide feedback about the interactions and progress of the newly-established integrated contact.



Parent Effectiveness Training teaches you a comprehensive set of skills as well as a framework of knowing how and when to use these skills to establish open, honest, and healthy relationships at home.
I am here to help you obtain useful skills that will help you feel more confident as a parent. We don't blame, we don't shame, and we don't mess with your values. 
The Parent Effectiveness Training skill set helps you build and maintain a home environment of acceptance and mutual respect. Our goal is to provide you as a parent with a programme that will teach you effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

Marcella Mathews, Associate