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Our workspace - the child's safe space -the parent's growing space - NK.


Our business is the preservation and cultivation of Family Relationships

Child Assist is a multi-faceted corporation consisting of a team of private practitioners in association. We serve children and parents in the process of separation and divorce, with the well-being of children as the focal point and with the aim to be the proverbial bridge between family members in a time of emotional distress. As part of services, we offer reunification therapy, which can be an intense, difficult, and emotional journey. However, with the much needed cooperation of all parties involved, we aim to strengthen the family relationships.

Bridge into the Woods


Child Assist originated through wellness counsellor, Neritha Klue and her passion for the cultivation and preservation of family ties. With more than a decade of child and family counselling experience in private practice, she identified a great need for professional supervised contact in South Africa. Her passion was the motivation to attend formal training in the USA and as a member of the Supervised Visitation Network Worldwide (SVN), she hosts a CPD accredited training program on Supervised Contact within the South African milieu since 2016.

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