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Child Assist is a multi-faceted organization that reaches out to children who have been through traumatic experiences. Children are the victims of different traumatic events on a daily basis. This results in the struggle of growing up as a child with much cares, emotional strain and sometimes physical pain. In 99% of the cases, an emotional unstable child turns out to be an emotional unstable adult, unless the trauma is detected and treated early.

About Neritha Klue

Neritha Klue is a registered counsellor, practicing under the name and style of Child Assist. She obtained a degree in Theology during 2000 and completed further studies in child traumatology through UNISA in 2008. She completed practical training at the Tygerberg Hospital, Western Cape, South Africa and counselled children in the Tyger Bear Unit for Traumatized Children, adolescents in the Kidney Transplant Unit, Child Psychology Unit, Aids Unit and Burn Unit. She is currently enrolled as a Master’s Degree student in Counselling and completing such studies in 2018.

Neritha has been in private practice since 2009 and, amongst other services, acts as a supervised contact service provider. During 2015 she obtained certified training in the USA at the Supervised Visitation Network Worldwide (SVN) and is currently a registered member. She developed a full CPD accredited (SACSSP and ASCHP) training program on Supervised Visitation/Contact for the South African milieu.

During the past eight years of practice, Neritha identified the need for specialised reunification services in the family system. She developed a detailed therapeutical process to facilitate reunification between estranged parents and children, which inter alia include counselling with parents, co-opting with case professionals, therapeutic child and parental preparation for reunification and developing a unique contact plan between the estranged parent and child for implementation after reunification.