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Child Safety Awareness Campaign


(2019) According to Optimus National Prevalence Study, 42% of South Africa’s children have experienced some form of ill-treatment and 82% have either experienced or witnessed some form of victimisation.

During February 2020 yet another child, Tazné van Wyk (8 years old) disappeared, was abused and sadly murdered. This deed of brutality, as well as several other child abuse and murders that occurred during this time, gripped the hearts of the citizens of South Africa to such an extent that citizens decided to stand together and bring awareness around child safety.

It is during this time, and more specifically on 22 February 2020 that the idea of the #8minutesat0800 campaign was born. Child Assist started to run the campaign in Cape Town on 28 February 2020. Four schools participated in the areas of Elsie’s River, Wellington and Brackenfell, Western Cape.

During March 2020, more schools participated in the areas of Boston and Table View. The aim is that every school in South Africa should participate to add their name to the list of schools which support the #8minutesat0800 child safety awareness campaign, no matter how long it takes.

Child safety awareness MUST be emphasised under all minors as awareness is the only way that this generation and those after them will survive abuse.


  • All learners will wear a white t-shirt (or their white school shirt). White is the meaning of peace and our children stand up for peace
  • Your school will choose a date by no later than 7 June 2020 and grant eight minutes to all learners to participate and stand up together as one and let their voices be heard
  • The campaign will be held at 08:00 in the morning when your school starts
  • The learners will gather together in a communal area (e.g. rugby field)
  • They will stand in a formation of a white flag (white square)
  • The program is a mere eight minutes as not to disrupt the normal school day


  • Minute 1: All the learners will break out in loud cheer, make a noise and let their voices be heard
  • Minute 2-7: The headmaster or any other teacher will communicate to the learners ways to break the silence if they are abused, pass contact information of any go-to persons in your school and social services in your school’s area where the learners can report abuse
  • Minute 8: The last minute of your school’s campaign would be a minute of silence in dedication of all abused and murdered children.

That concludes the campaign.

Take an aerial-view picture of your school’s participation and send your picture to We will add your school’s name to the list of participating schools. When taking this picture, the children should bow down their faces in protection of their identities.

#8minutesat0800_not ok to be sexually abused
#8minutesat0800_not ok to be physically abused
#8minutesat0800_not ok to be neglected
#8minutesat0800_not ok to be bullied
#8minutesat0800_not ok to be emotionally abused
#8minutesat0800_talk to someone you trust

31 May to 7 June 2020 - National Child Protection Week is commemorated in the country annually to raise awareness of the rights of children as articulated in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and Children's Act (Act No. 38 of 2005).


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